This website is for the Class of 1968 from Central, East and St. Mary's High Schools in Cheyenne, Wyoming.  We encourage you to visit often, upload photos, blog or just leave comments.   We are urging everyone to fill out your Classmate Profile as this information transfers over to our invite list.  Also, if your email or mailing address changes, please keep them updated on this website.
Thanks so much for participating in our reunions.  We love putting them together for everyone and after all these years (50 to be exact), we have come to realize that you are truly the best classmates ever.  You are generous, caring, appreciative and fun, fun people.  It's such a joy to be associated with ALL of you and to be part of the
Class of 68 ~


2018 Reunion Committee

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1st L-R:   Rob Morris,  Larry Sandman  and  Ted Durante

2nd L-R:   Jeri Burns Olsen,  Dee Graeber Patterson,  Teema Tuck McIntosh,  Anita Venneman,  Lois Hasenkamp Pine,  Cheryl Couch Tottenhoff,  Nancy Strasheim Nagel  and  Sharon Holthuson Cloyd

3rd L-R:   Dick Larkin,  Craig Lewis,  Mary Kay Heaton Lewis,  Mike Muchmore,  Bill Arnold  and  Gary Cloyd




2013 Reunion Committee


Seated L to R: Sharon Schubarth, Anita Venneman, Lois Hasenkamp Pine and Rob Morris.

Standing L to R: David Hendershot, Larry Sandman, Cheryl Couch Tottenhoff, Ted Durante, Dee Graeber Patterson, Jeri Burns Olsen, Bill Arnold, Craig Lewis, Mary Kay Heaton Lewis, Sharon Holthuson Cloyd and Gary Cloyd


Not Pictured AboveDick Larkin

"Middle age is when your classmates are so gray and wrinkled and bald they don't recognize you." - Bennett Cerf
Mirrors don't lie!     I'm just glad they don't laugh!!