"The best antiques to collect are old friends"
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Bill Arnold
August 30, 1950 wfa1972@aol.com Locomotive Engineer Married 4 Central It's just another day in Paradise Yes, Very Much So Working, raising kids did Hot Air Ballooning for a while. Been very active in the Numismatic (Coin Collecting) field. Was on the Wyoming State Quarter Committee. I was able to attend the First Strike Ceremony at the Denver Mint and got to make a Souviner Wyo Quarter. I opened a Coin Shop in Cheyenne in Nov of 2005. 2012-08-06 19:52:09
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Paul Bagne
July 13, 1950 pdb@att.net Retired Married 1 East yes It has presented some challenges Loving the women in my life. Writing for national magazines. 2012-08-02 15:58:25
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Cherie Barkee (Major)
January 06, 1950 cherie@actcampground.com Retired Professor Married 1 2013-08-01 15:47:38
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Elaine Berg (Twigg Cornett)
Profile picture
November 20, 1949 etc@integr8.com organizational consultant/coach www.integr8.com Married 2 East Indeed Yes Thought-provoking question! I left Wyoming to attend the University of Oregon in Eugene and have lived in the Eugene area since, except for two years in Orange County, CA. I received a BA in English and later a Masters in Library Science. My professional life has been in three businesses I helped start. I was married for 20 years, had two kids, and divorced. Zane and I have been married and in business together for 17 years. I'm blessed with good health, and still run - almost a requirement if you live in Eugene :o) I love to hike, bike (I'm not a cyclist!), go for walks. Zane and I love to travel; the photo I've attached is of us at the foot of the Matterhorn last fall. My relationships with loved ones are where I focus much of my energy. I've been touched by the other profiles here - how folks have weathered the downs of life. I'll miss the reunion this year, and I'll be thinking about you all. Having a great relationship with my children. 2013-06-20 13:40:56
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Jim Blair
jblairengrav@msn.com Firearms Engraver www.jimblairengraving.com Married 2 East 2013-03-27 16:26:57
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Patti Bonham (Ediger)
March 17, 1950 pediger73@gmail.com Retired Married 4 Central Absolutely! Definitely---Yes! After high school graduation in May 1968, I attended Nebraska Wesleyan University in Lincoln, Nebraska. I graduated in May 1972 with a BA in Education. I then began teaching Special Education classes (K-12). I married Rick Ediger in December 1973. After my husband completed Law School we moved to Scottsbluff-Gering Nebraska where he began a 40 year career at Simmons Olson Law, PC. I continued to teach off and on while raising our children who are now grown and out on their own. I feel fortunately to have lived and worked in a small community where I could become involved in a wide variety of activities. If I have to limit my accomplishments to one, it has to be successfully raising three of my children to be happy, successful individuals. My oldest son, Patrick is an interior designer in LA. My next oldest son, Matthew works in Web Design in Denver, CO and my youngest, a daughter, Elizabeth, is an attorney. 2017-09-06 16:14:15
It dawned on me very recently that next summer would be my 50 year Class Reunion...Oh my gosh could that possibly be!!! I haven't attended a reunion celebration since the 20 Year  Reunion of the Class of 1968... when I was pregnant with our 4th child. Rick and I have raised four children... in two distinct groups. When second son, Andrew was killed in Cheyenne in July of 1984...we mourned his loss; having no idea what God had planned for us! Needless to say, we have spent the last 30 years involved in raising children ( and now loving four grandchildren)  and being involved in our community in beautiful western Nebraska. Now that my parents are gone, Cheyenne ( although only 90 miles away) is no longer a destination for my travels. I hope to attend our 50 year --Class of 1968  Reunion to renew old friendships. I have throughly enjoyed your website...you've done a tremendous job on it. The pictures of the 45th Reunion brought a smile to my face...as I long ago lost my CHS Yearbooks to the fire at my mother's home.       Take Care All,   Patti Send Patti a MessageSend Patti a Message
Raymond Bougsty
January 23, 1950 carlbougsty@msn.com Power Plant Operator Married Central Yes Yes Teaching school & then becoming a power plant operator Helping others 2014-11-02 01:21:18
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Jim Brown
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January 22, 1950 jimbrown@amerihvac.com Buisness Owner Married 2 East More than one can imagine exceptionally 2012-08-06 19:52:08
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Sherrie Brown (Murdock)
February 13, 1950 sjmurdock13@yahoo.com Retired Widowed 2 2013-08-11 17:33:42
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Jeri Burns (Olsen)
Profile picture
Profile picture
March 15, 1950 Jreolsen@bresnan.net Bookkeeper Single 3 East Yes Yes Planning class reunions every five years since graduation! Oh wait...I have also been working ~ To not be rich! 2018-03-12 16:04:40
I tried marriage for 24 years but it obviously didn't suit me.  Survived raising a couple boys and am now looking forward to being a first time grandma in February 2013. **UPDATE**  My grandson, Christopher, was born February 28th!  He is sooooo awesome!  **ANOTHER UPDATE**  My second grandson, Eric, was born May 2016!  He is also awesome!  It feels so good to fall in love all over again. Have been working as a bookkeeper in the construction field for 40 years.  I love my job, thank goodness, but hope to retire by January, 2019.  Hobbies include golf, genealogy, travel and working on my house.  I have no more husky's.  Mya had to be put down June 21, 2017.  My other husky, Asia, got very sick and had to be put down March 2015.  Needless to say, I was heart broken and miss them daily.  As of this posting, my father, John (Jack) Burns, is still living and is now 99 years old.  I take him to San Francisco every September to visit my brother, Jack and his wife.  He is such a travel trooper and my family is truly blessed ~  Well, we won't be going to San Fran this year (2018)...dad doesn't feel like travelling much anymore.
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