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Jim Hearn
June 18, 1950 jhearncolo@gmail.com Manager Telco Married 2 East Very much so! Most of the time Worked in telephone industry and raised kids I live a simple and fulfilling life. 2015-01-09 12:47:34
I have enjoyed raising our 2 children and watching them raise their 4 children ( 2 each) Send Jim a MessageSend Jim a Message
Paul Hickey
May 20, 1950 phickey@hickeyevans.com Lawyer Hickey&Evans,LLP Married 2 2013-07-31 15:46:15
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Rick Hoffman
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October 08, 1949 kiliclimber7_17_02@hotmail.com Retired Engineer Committed Relationship 2 East Yes every day Yes absolutely I graduated from UW with a mechanical engineering degree in 1972 and married right out of school. I lived in Wyoming, Texas (ugh), England, Germany, Pennsylvania and Colorado during my career in refining and petrochemicals. I lived in Silverthorne, CO since 1998 but recently divorced and moved to Grand Junction with my wonderful finance Dolores. I retired in 2009 and still do some consulting but mostly ski, hike and ride the Harley. I have two wonderful children who live in Chicago and Milwaukee. I started climbing when I turned 50 and managed to get the old body up all 54 of Colorado's 14,000 ft. peaks. I also climbed Kilimanjaro and Aconcagua with my son and Island Peak (20,300 ft.) in Nepal with classmate Richard Davis in 2010. We did the Annapurna circuit in 2012 and I climbed Cotopaxi 19347 in 2014 with Scott and Jo Ann Sturman. Now I am with a wonderful woman and have great grandchildren and a great family through her. Life is good. 2018-07-22 22:05:31
Don't let your age slow you down, you can rest when you are dead. Send Rick a MessageSend Rick a Message
Donn Hopkins
donnhopkins@comcast.net Americas Security Manager Married 3 Central Yes Yes Married 33 years to Linda. Career, 32+ police work, 18 years as Chief of Police. Last 10 years in private sector with Agilent Technologies as Americas (Canada to Brazil) Security Manager. Volunteer in Fort Collins community, CSU, MS Society (MS 150 Bike Ride x 5, MS Walks). Love the Rams and Broncos. Three adults sons, 3 grand children. Like travel (just returned from 2 weeks in Spain - tour). Outdoors - hike, bike, hunt, sail, snow shoe. Three sons with college degrees, no student loans, all employed! Great family and friends. 2013-06-25 15:28:42
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Phil James
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April 11, 1950 phil@lawyer.com Lawyer Phils.info Single 2 East 2018-03-12 13:00:17
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Renee Judy (Thompson)
May 07, 1950 renee76033@gmail.com Married 2 East Yes Very 2012-08-22 12:10:45
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Jerry Mabie
mabieknot@sbcglobal.net Central 2012-09-21 01:22:28
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Terry Marquart
January 14, 1950 magicmoment@gci.net Consultant tlmicak@yahoo.com Married East yes Yes, with a couple of bumps in the road I retired from the Anchorage Police Department with 22 years of service. I then went to work for the DEA for 10 years, retired and opened my own consulting business. I have traveled extensively and plan to travel more. I married a wonderful woman and have been married over 40 years 2013-03-31 01:06:26
I am looking forward to seeing everyone at the upcoming class reunion.  
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Ken Mayer
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ken@aaoutfitter.com Gainfully retired aaoutfitter.com Married 2 East Of course Any better and I'd be in jail Traveled extensively, created numerous businesses and married the love of my life 11 years ago, Roseann. Currently own and operate a world-wide hunting business from our hunting lodge in the Texas Panhandle. Raised 2 accomplished sons, both of whom are married, living in Texas and have given me 5 grandsons -- the Mayer name lives on! Roseann's daughter Sarah has been my little girl since coming into my life in 2002. She asked me to give her away at her wedding in 2008 which indicates the close bond we share. She and her husband have given us a granddaughter (I love to spoil her!) and another grandson. Roseann has 2 grown sons that are as much a part of our lives as my own. We continue to travel the world hunting and fishing with our dearest friends, I'm living the life! Living long enough to collect Social Security! 2013-06-30 10:15:01
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Donna McGuire (Reeves)
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April 19, 1950 tandem19@juno.com Retired Married St. Mary's Yes So far but I have a long way to go! Worked for the school district until retirement. We have recently moved to Tucson after the loss of my mother. Lived here with my family in 1956! What a change. To move to where the weather is not cold. 2017-11-05 11:47:42
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