August 3, 2018
16 days since
our Reunion.


The Class of 68 is turning 68!!!
Central - East - St. Mary's High Schools


50th ~ Fiftieth High School Reunion ~ 50th


WOW!  Think about it...what a milestone this reunion will be.  Most of us were born in 1950 and will also be turning 68 years old.  What better way to honor our 50th High School Reunion and our special birthdays than by celebrating together!


5 Decades after we graduated!!     ½ Century later!!


August 3rd and 4th, 2018 in Cheyenne, WY


Let’s get this party started!!!!!


It’s Friday Night Casual on August 3rd, 2018 at the Botanic Gardens, Cheyenne’s newest attraction located in Lions Park.  The city has added on a beautiful conservatory next to the existing Botanic Garden featuring three wide-open floors with lots of lovely plants and displays and a great view of the park from the top deck.  Our event starts at 6:00 pm, but touring this beautiful facility is free and open to the public until that time, so we urge you to come early and take advantage of this opportunity and see for yourself.  We will be meeting in the Orangarie Room and the Solar Patio where we will be serving some great appetizers and beverages.


We continue with the “casual” theme on Saturday Night, August 4th, 2018 at the Cheyenne Country Club.  We broke some of the ice on Friday night…so let’s pull a Titanic and break the whole iceberg on Saturday night!  Come prepared to be entertained!  We guarantee this 50th reunion will be unlike any preceding reunion you have ever attended and you won’t want to miss it! Back by popular demand, we are bringing back the 50’s-60’s era photo booth.  We have created a nostalgic walk down memory lane with a photographic slide show and have booked a keynote speaker who uses Magic and Mind Reading to make an unforgettable impact on audiences.  This evening also includes a very casual, delightful dining experience and a cash bar.  Oh…and did we mention “casual” as in casual attire!  Let’s make this evening a fun night of friendship and camaraderie.


So, turn up the hearing aids and dim down the lights,

roll back the years and be young for two nights ~
author unknown


This 50th reunion is all about you…the classmate!  We have put a lot of time, thought and effort into cutting costs so that the pricing of this reunion is... #1 - reasonable, #2 -  makes sense, and #3 - is a bit clever.  We think we have checked all the boxes and hope you agree.  The cost of this two-night event is only $68!  YESSSSS!!  That’s right!  $68 for two fun filled memorable nights.  (We tried to cut it down to $19.68, but needless to say, that didn’t cover diddly-squat)!!


We are planning separate events for the bowlers, golfers and trap shooting experts in the class so please check those events out if you are interested.  We have also provided more information of activities going on throughout this great city of ours, prices for hotels/motels and suggestions for restaurants.  Those will be listed under Out-Of-Towners! in the menu on your left.

Last but not least, we have a challenge we’d like to put out there.  Our main objective is to get as many classmates as possible to come back for this semi-centennial celebration!  It is a milestone that we, as classmates, should be honored and proud to attend.  We are asking you to please pass the word on to any and all members of the Class of 68 from Cheyenne that you are in touch with and encourage them to join us for this once in a lifetime event.  As an incentive, the committee will cover the cost of the reunion for the person that gets the most classmates to attend.  We will add an additional bonus to the person that gets a classmate and/or classmates to attend that has never been to one of our reunions in the past!  So, the challenge starts now!  GO!  You can refer them to this website or send us their email, or home mailing address or phone number and we will get the information to them also.



We encourage you to visit us on Facebook under the "Class of 68 - Cheyenne, WY" and to also check back often with this website for more information and to see who else is coming!  ​You may now register and pay for the reunion right here.

​If you prefer to mail-in a check and registration, please click on "Mail-In Registrations" on the menu to your left or contact us with your home address and we will send you the information.


Let's make this 50th reunion the best ever and 2nd to none!!!


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