Buy CD-Flash Drive

The Webmaster has disabled this function due to an upgrade they deemed necessary.  The old platform on which our current website resides has been retired.  I am very disappointed and, needless to say, very frustrated with this change and am researching other high school websites.  If I find one I like, I will spend the time and reenter everything that was included on our previous website.  Once it is finished, I will notify everyone by email and also on our Facebook pages under the Class of 68 (Cheyenne, WY) and Class of 68 - Cheyenne, WY


In the meantime, the CD and Flashdrive created for our 55th reunion is still available, however, you can't purchase it on this website.  Please contact Jeri Burns Olsen at one of the following:, or on my Facebook page listed as Jeri Burns Olsen and also on our Facebook pages under Class of 68 (Cheyenne, WY) and Class of 68 - Cheyenne, WY


The CD is $16.00 and the Flash Drive is $10.00