In Memory Of...
This is the hardest page to update ~


Our departed classmates may be gone, but they will never be forgotten. They grew up with us, they laughed with us, they cried with us, they comforted us, they worked with us, they got crazy with us and serious with us and some of them even fought for us. They were someone's best friend, or someone's husband, wife, brother, sister or cousin or they sat next to us in class. Their lives were important then as well as now and they made a difference in ours.

May each and every one of them rest in peace
and know they are not forgotten.


Central - 44
Rick Ackerman
          Harry Adams           
Theresa Archuleta
Mike Carter
            Dave Chaffin             
       Lucille Cordova         
Jim Cox
Debbie Erickson
Joe Espinoza
Maralee Gates
Paula Goudie
Tim Greene
   Cliff Grout    
Kenneth Hammons
Florence Harshberger
Gloria Hernandez
Danny Hoefer
Obie James
Randy LaCoy
Linda Larsen
Tim Lesco
Mike Lindsey
Bob McDaniel
Michael Morris
Janet Murray
Linda Oster
Jerry Osterman
Mary Pasley
Ann Pedrini
Jeanne Pennington
Verna Plumlee
Joan Puett
John Rooney
Sharon Schubarth
Chuck Simons
Harvey Stagner
James Stevenson
Bob Theodore
       Earl Von Forrell        
Thomas Walsh
Debbi White
Wendell Wittig
Steve Woods
Irv Zigmond

East - 84
                    Cindy Adams                     
Don Adler
Ben Allen
John Arias
Kathy Balcaen
Gene Benton
Vicki Book
Dennis Buffington
                  Janet Buyher                  
Janet Cadorette
Jon Cederstrum
Richard Clark
               Larry Cole                
Sallie Collins
Richard Cox
Bill Creager
Karen Deike
Paul Drew
Brett D'Spain
                      Ted Durante                      
              Dennis Farris              
                  Mark Feldman                  
Danny Fogg
Bill Fowler
                Ellen Fox                 
                      Glen Garcia                      
Larry Garrett
Craig Ghelber
Danise Grantham
                  Steve Griess                  
Lori Groh
                   Wayne Hahn                    
                    John Hansen                     
Bill Hapgood
Marilyn Harrison
David Hendershot
 Bob Hernandez
                    Geri Hess                    
          Charles Hockenberger           
Sandra Hollingsworth
             Sharon Holthusen              
 Amy Hooks
                     Carrie Ann Hough                       
                    ZB Houser                    
Cyndi Huffman
 Ed Hunter
 Bruce Johnson
                 Kenny Jones                 
Linda Kirlin
Shirley Krening
Larry Loftin
Holly Madia
Debbie McBee
Gaynelle McGinnis
Melody Merrill
Richard Miller
Mike Moran
Mike Muchmore
Ginny Munn
Debbie Norris
Jon Ornelas
Buck Patterson
Greg Pilch
June Porter
Vicki Prewitt
Mary Rice
Tom Richardson
Billy Sailors
Judy Sampeck
JayDee Seyersdahl
Ericka Siler
Ron Souza
Susan Spencer
Gerald Steinhour
Nancy Sutton
Richard Tabor
Rhonda Taylor
Joy Valencia
Joyce Valencia
Linda Walters
Peggy Warrington
Tom West
Jeff Wingo
Roger Woodhouse
Kent Woodworth



St. Mary's - 8

Roger Atkinson
Pat Beaton
Art Hanscum
Pamela McKay
Richard McLaughlin
Paul Randall
Paul Visca
Dave Wiltgen